torsdag 4 oktober 2012

The Constitutional State of Sweden is threatened by the Case of Assange

This article was published in the biggest Newspaper in Sweden, Dagens Nyheter, on the 19th of August 2012.

The legal circus surrounding the case of Julian Assange has now attained proportions uprecedented  in legal history. Julian Assange is the only man who has ever been hunted in this fashion across several continents for questioning over the alleged crimes of sexual molestation and rape.

We have therefore reported the prosecutor, Marianne Ny, to the Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsman, JO, because of her handling of the case. The day after Assange was granted asylum by Ecuador, oddly enough, JO Hans Gunnar Axberger dismissed the complaint, citing the ongoing legal proceedings involving Assange.

The facts of the matter are quite simple. Julian Assange had sex with two women on separate occasions during his stay in Sweden. The two women went together to a female police inspector, who was acquainted with one of the two, with the stated intent to compel Assange to undergo an HIV test. However,  the police inspector, instead of processing the case according to Swedish law, filed a police report of rape subject to public prosecution. It is unlikely either of the two women had any idea of the magnitude their visit to the police would take.

Next, a prosecutor decided to order Assange arrested in absentia, although he was in the country. The next day, yet another prosecutor found that there was no basis for charges and dropped the matter.

On August 30, 2010, Assange was interviewed, and he denied the allegations. The next day, lawyer Claes Borgström, who had offered to be plaintiffs’ counsel for the two women, contacted his old friend, the prosecutor Marianne Ny, who in turn decided to reopen the case.

Julian Assange remained in Sweden in order to be available for interviews for five entire weeks, until 27 September, when he left the country after receiving permission from the Prosecutor's Office. This is the context in which Marianne Ny issued a European arrest warrant. Thereafter, Assange offered on several occassions to be questioned in London either in person or via video link. Oddly, Prosecutor Ny categorically rejected these offers, even though such interview methods have been used in other cases.

We are, like Julian Assange's international lawyer, the famous Baltasar Garzón of Spain, deeply concerned about the lack of guarantee of security and transparency, and on what legal grounds action has been taken against Julian Assange. The harassment he has suffered has wrought havoc on his physical and mental health.

The threat against his person is further complicated by the complex behavior of Marianne Ny, representing the Swedish government, towards him.

The result is that Julian Assange's basic rights and freedoms under the United Nations, and his human rights under the European Convention, have been declared irrelevant.

When people seek political asylum, it usually involves seeking protection from a rogue state and, in this case, it appears that Sweden is just such a rogue. It is enough to refer to the cases of Thomas Quick / Sture Bergwall or Catrine da Costa for devastating comparisons.

We two journalists with many decades of experience in press, radio and television both in Sweden and abroad view with increasing horror how uncritical and biased in favor of the political establishment the journalism is in the case Assange.

Everything seems to be aimed to getting Assange extradited to Sweden at any cost, rather than critically examining the prosecutor, Marianne Ny’s, actions that are perfectly coordinated with those of her friend, the lawyer Claes Borgström. Prosecutor Ny has for example said in her inner circle "even if I am wrong, I won’t change my mind."

In the arrest memo from 2010, available online for all to see and spanning over 100 pages, it is clear that both of the two women themselves sought out contact with Assange.

The leaked arrest memo was a legal bomb which has now been mostly forgotten and buried in all the legal twists and turns of the extradition hearings in London, the flight to Ecuador's Embassy and the question of how Assange might be able to get away, away from the once prestigious Swedish machinery of justice.

The case of Julian Assange has revealed the State feminism and its propaganda machinery that are at present in power in this country. It is a machinery in which  men-hating radical feminists without historical roots conspire with journalists who do not understand journalism’s critical task and members of the judiciary who pursue a career under the
equal rights and opportunities doctrine.

This machinery views the ordinary Swedish man as a potential rapist and already condemned Julian Assange of sex crimes before being proven guilty or innocent. This is the fashion in which the man with the status of a rock star became one of the world's most hunted men.

Liberation feminism was hijacked in the late 1980s when it was disarmed and renamed 'Jämställdhet' (the equal rights and opportunities doctrine) and co-opted into the power apparatus.Jämställdhet” became the state norm and an ideology in Sweden. And it became a career ladder, especially in politics, civil service and in the judicial system.

Many liberation feminists disappeared into Swedish universities, where they transformed our struggle into 'scientific knowledge', and became elite feminists. They got money from the State, as universities in Sweden are publicly funded. Instead of talking about 'the sexes' they started talking about 'genders', and the struggle no longer focused on transforming the state apparatus: it switched to targeting the male sex and men as sexual creatures. The present totalitarian gender ideology was also promoted by the Swedish media, which does what is required from it by the State.
In another turn, and especially in the tabloids, selling sex like never before has turned the concept of cynicism to an "understatement".

The Assange case tickles the fancy of journalists who in turn are seducing their readers, listeners and viewers with an exceptionally biased account. In addition, moralistic editorial writers across the country scream for justice for the demeaned women without any reflection on what really happened those days in August 2010, between Julian Assange and the two women.

How the case ends may well be decisive to whether Sweden should continue to be called a state governed by law, in which civil rights are not violated and the European Convention on Human Rights is worth more than the ink it was written with.

Helene Bergman, journalist
Anders Carlgren, journalist
Translated  by Traci Birge

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  1. OK I kind of agree with the above, but did Mr Assange take an HIV test and send its result to the two women concerned? Because it seems obvious to me that their worry and insecurity was the main reason for the whole story. Did he put their worries to rest? Great if he did, but if he did not, why? And this has nothing to do with feminism, law and hacking, just a human dimension.
    Janus Avivson, London

  2. Hi, Janus! A very good question, who has totally disappeared! I think he said yes to take an HIV-test, but then I don`t know what happen. I think the discussion has gone like this:
    IF the two women were afraid, they could take their own HIV-test. One of the women did a rape investigation in a hospital. Then of course they also took an HIV-test. And if that have been proved positive I am sure JA have also been accused of that as it is illegal in Sweden to have sex with anyone if you know you are HIV-positive.

  3. I'm an assange supporter but need to point out that you can't reliably have an HIV test straight after the sex you think may have exposed you to the virus:

    This is from an HIV info site (

    Most HIV tests diagnose HIV infection by detecting antibodies produced by an individual's immune system when they are exposed to HIV. However, it does take some time for enough of those antibodies to be present to be detected by the antibody HIV test. The time it takes for people to have produced enough antibodies varies; anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks or longer, with the average being about 25 days. But this can vary from person to person so a good rule of thumb to follow is if your negative test was done less than 3 months after your potential exposure, you should get another test after 3 months time. While about 97% of people will develop HIV antibodies after an infection, it may take 6 months to produce antibodies in some cases. In our clinic we recommend HIV testing after a potential exposure at 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months after exposure.

  4. It appears as though Assange has taken a test which came back as negative:

    This from Naomi Wolf's article :

    "Sources close to the investigation confirm that indeed Assange was asked by police to take an HIV test, which came back negative."

    Also this section corroborates your assertion that the women should get testing done for themselves. (However I still question how soon a reliable test could be done) :

    "Rape victims usually fear STD’s or AIDS infection, naturally enough, and the normal police and prosecutorial guidance is for them to take their own battery of tests – you don’t need the man’s test results to know if you have contracted a disease. Normal rape kit processing–in Sweden as elsewhere–includes such tests for the alleged victim as a matter of course, partly to help prevent any contact between the victim and the assailant outside legal channels."

  5. Thank you @Humunculus Flanell

    1. The old demokratik sweden is it finished? back in 70ies this country was shwon as an example to the rest of Europe. Now what? Thanks tosome good journalists the truth will come out about Julian. I think he is a man with the greatest courage as he is fighting alone against the super power. people all around the globe the least they could do about him is just a support. that's all. well done journalism helene Du ar a bra example av det Sverige som jag kande back in 70ies

    2. Yes! I just saw the documentary of Olof Palme and remembered the feeling of beeing a proud Swede then! Shame to say, not now!

    3. I never knew who Olof Palme was until 2003 when I was living in Sweden and someone at the train station in Lund had a sign saying "Jag skot Olof Palme. Sluta morda oss!"

  6. It appears that the rape charges were set up to be a diversion and yet a maneuver to prosecute Assange, then take the opportunity to prosecute for other charges.

    Assange needs to pick out a better partner, someone who's truly interested in him, has respect, etc.

    Funny how the background of the women weren't shown in the news.....they could've been two barmaids/barflies who operate as a team, etc. who knows?.....did they want to get pregnant? if they were insecure about sexually transmitted disease, why didn't they provide the condoms? it just may be that they were there to set Assange up because there are people hired by government(s) to do that kind of work.....heard about it when I worked for the IRS/Internal Revenue Service - training in San Francisco, California.

  7. Yes there are something strange here! And you should know that the background people are all from the same party. The question is WHY ?

  8. Do you have the link to the article in Swedish? Tack!

    1. Here is the link to the article in Swedish.

    2. Tack sa mycket. My wife is Swedish, and thought she'd prefer the Swedish version. Great article, by the way.

  9. what i dont understand is why has sweeden as a whole(government and the people paying taxes) to go down in history as being the worst place in europe for taking a persons right to be innocent before proven guilty in a court of law if there was enough evidence to go to seems as sweeden is now easily compared to the other countries that are so corrupt and i for one would hate to be in a country where im framed for something and cant even have my say!!!! shame on you sweeden and the people there for not speaking out the truth!!!! i would recommend to the sweedish people to take charge of the matter and pressure your governments to bring out the REAL truth STOP HIDDING documents!!!

    1. Unfortunately, I don't see any country moving in the direction of economic and personal liberty for individuals. Every state, from Sweden to the US, is slowly moving toward more comprehensive statism. It's become accepted and part of the conventional wisdom.

  10. Bravo Isabella you really put this issue in a very nice way. The swedish people must react against such crap

  11. This whole rape accusation is obviously a diversion a means by which Mr Assange can be removed from circulation because the US and their lackies fear exposure to the world. They are fascists pretending to be democracies. We have people asking the Swiss to stand up against the corruption in their country, get real, most western populations won't get off their rear ends to protect their own rights so why would they be motivated to protect the rights of a foreigner ?

  12. Government should be routed out of human relationships. This has given them untold power. A woman in one European country making a complaint of domestic misdemeanour -- that now falls under the ever-broadening definition of rape, making it serious you see -- is sufficient for cross-border arrest. There then follows a rendition to a distant continent because of the MERE PRESENCE of the suspected citizen in the second country. Huge leverage.

    Julian Assange will be found innocent of any sex charges that might be brought. They are pathetically weak. But he will still be rendered to the US, the REAL reason for his transfer to Sweden.

    The long term solution is to take feminism OUT of government. It is an ideology grounded in nonsense. Men are women are not the same. (Their brains are as different as their bodies inside and out.) Men are not oppressing women. (Men, the victims of war, slavery and violence, have been far more oppressed than women throughout history.)

    So let's start there. Feminist ideology is the culprit. Feminism, brought into government, is responsible for a horrendous number of new laws during a period in history when crime is actually in decline. Take government out the private home, and let politicians earn their living by more honest means. That's the only way to get our freedoms back.

  13. 0BAMA/BiDEN #0WS

  14. I've written an article that is a narrative of facts and quotes. Although there is no conjecture or opinion it displays the inconsistencies, motives and interests working within the case. I have included pdf's of all used source material.

  15. Hej Helene
    Det synes som du tystnat, inga träffar på Google, den här den sista. Hoppas du mår bra och inget hänt dig.

    Det pågår en diskusision med din artiklar på newsmill som referens här

    Evert Larsson

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